Sunday, February 5, 2012

22 tips to keep yourself motivated (continued)

On my post of last week I shared eleven tips to get and keep you motivated while you are going through life and in this post I share the rest.

12-  Ask what's the worst that could happen if you give up your goal?
       Visualize how you will be; how will your life look if you give up your goal, and what are the results of giving up your goal. Visualizing the outcomes can keep you motivated to work on your goal especially if the image you visualized is not the one you desire of yourself or your life.

13- What's holding you back? 
       Discovering why you are stuck or unable to take action is the first step to solve the issue? To find a solution you need a clear vision of the problem before being able to handle it. Is it a fear? Is it a lack of self-confidence? Is it a belief? What can you do to deal with it? Sometimes you may need the support of a professional coach to deal with it and get rid of the reason for good.

14- If not now, when? 
      If you don't start working on your goal now, when will you?  Most probably you will keep procrastinating for good. If you aren't able to take action on your goal now, this means that you are stuck and need to find out the reason. Find out the simplest action you can take to start, do it, and you will feel the difference. 

15- Fear is normal.
       Do you feel fearful of doing something new although you badly want to do it or fearful of taking any actions toward a goal?  Who of us didn't feel fearful when we started doing something new? Every one of us feels fear; the difference is there are people who take action despite their fears and others who allow fear to hold them back. Always remind yourself that fear is normal and that every one of us experiences it at one point or another in our lives. Your support group or a professional coach can help you to deal with your fears.

16- Put structures in place to remind yourself.
      We tend to forget the change we want to make or the goal we want to achieve.  Putting structures in place to remind us of our goal can be so helpful. A structure can be an affirmation written on a piece of paper and kept in different places in your home and office. Inspiring pictures, reminders on your cell phone or any other ideas can be used.  What is essential is to find the ones that work best for you.

17- Keep quiet. 
       Learn when to talk about your goals and with whom. Some people can be a great source of support and motivation while others may resent your improvement, so it's better to keep quiet. Keep your goals and your success to yourself in presence of the latter.

18- Failure is normal. 
      Fear of failure is one of the most common reasons people are stuck and unable to move forward. However, failure is essential for our learning. To reach any destination there are several options, and to know which one is the right path we may have to go through several until we reach the right one. All of us have failed at a certain point in our lives, and our reaction toward this failure determined where we are now. Just accepting failure as a part of the journey can make a great difference in your life.

19- What inspires you?
       Keep inspiring resources nearby. Find what works for you, movies, songs, books, affirmations, quotations or anything that inspires you, and refer back to them when you need a motivation boost. You may set a daily time for reflecting on one of these resources to bring you motivation, or do it when needed.

20- Create strategy and reuse what worked for you. 
      Knowing what you want to do is the first step, and knowing how you will reach it is the second one. To get somewhere you need to know very clearly what your destination is and how you will get there. Make your plan. What obstacles might you face? How will you overcome these obstacles? Who can help you or support you along your way? What resources do you have? What strategies worked for you before that you can reuse? A clear vision of how you will reach your goal is crucial to your success in reaching your goal.

21- Timeline.
       Be very specific when you expect to achieve your goal and every sub-goal.  A plan with very specific dates brings more clarity and momentum, it helps keep you accountable and avoid procrastinating. Specific start dates and end dates are very important.

22- Enjoy the journey and celebrate.
      Focusing on the end result and being attached to it can be frustrating because achieving a goal may take a long time.  Forgetting a while about the end result and focusing on the actions you are taking, the momentum created and the sense of achievement you feel with every step you take can be so empowering. Enjoy the journey, the learning, the achievement and celebrate your successes.

Bonus Tip: Acknowledgement. Acknowledge yourself for your achievements. Acknowledge others for their achievements. Sometimes acknowledgement is all we need to keep going. It brings you and your surroundings great energy, motivation and love.

Hope you find these tips helpful and I welcome your thoughts, your questions and your comments.

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